We are a female footwear brand that appeared in the 70s, a time of search for freedom, youth and breaking of taboos.

About the Brand

We are located in Igrejinha, a town in the “Gaucho Highlands” (“Serra Gaúcha”). At the beginning of our history, we used to manufacture an average of 50 pair of female footwear per day; nowadays we produce around 3.000 pairs per day and we are responsible for approximately 350 direct jobs and 300 indirect employments. It is not only in the domestic market that we are known, 50% of our production is exported to more than 45 countries.

We concern with the women’s welfare, quality, concept and style. We are always searching the main trends, coming from great researches in the entire world. Every collection is elaborated in a singular way, prioritizing each detail, with a differentiated design and high quality products. Always keeping in mind to satisfy the desires of our consumers.

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